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Choose Your Wash Package!

Protect your investment…

Who has time to wash the car these days?
These days our lives have become so hectic with trying to juggle work, shopping, chores, kids and maintaining a personal life, taking our car to an auto detailer or car wash most times will be put on the bottom of our LONG “to do list.” But now Auto Detailing San Diego has an answer. Where ever your hectic day may take you and no matter if you are looking for a mobile car wash, wax or full auto detail, our auto detailing experts will be there for you.

Although Auto Detailing San Diego will come to your home for anything from a basic car wash to a full auto detail, a large percentage of our clients request that Auto Detailing San Diego come to their work for anything from a car wash to a complete auto detail. These services are conveniently done while our clients are busy tackling their tasks for the day.

Auto Detailing San Diego is your first choice for mobile car wash and auto detailing services in San Diego County
At Auto Detailing San Diego, we can meet and exceed a wide array of your detailing needs with our extensive services and product offerings. When you should need convenient mobile detailing services in and around San Diego, Ca make the right choice. Get the job done right the first time and every time by selecting our Mobile Auto Detailing service for your next wash or detail. Have the peace of mind knowing that we approach each and every vehicle we work on with our tried and tested meticulous processes and procedures that produce amazing results time and time again. We look forward to working with you. Contact us today! 


Wash PACKAGE #1   $15 - $25

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Exterior Only 100% Hand Wash
Perfect for company cars and fleet vehicles.  
(5 or more vehicles per visit)

  • Thorough hand washing and drying of vehicle
  • Vehicle wheels and tires scrubbed clean
  • Tires dressed to a perfect shine
  • Exterior mirrors & windows cleaned streak free shine
$15 Cars
$20  Trucks
$25  SUV & Mini-Van
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Wash PACKAGE #2  $25 - $35


Wash Package #1 PLUS… 

  • Light vacuuming of floors and seats
  • Dusting of dashboard, center console, & cup holders
  • Exterior & interior windows & mirrors cleaned to a streak free shine
$25 Cars
$30 Trucks
$35 SUV & Mini-Van

Wash PACKAGE #3  $35 - $45

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Executive 100% Hand Wash
Spend a little more and get "MUCH" more!
Wash Package #2  PLUS…

  • Full vacuuming of floors, seats, & trunk
  • Degrease, clean door and trunk jams
  • Pleasant fragrance of your choice  
$35 Cars
$40 Trucks & Small SUV
$45  Large SUV & Mini-Van

Wash PACKAGE # 4 $50 - $70


VIP 100% Hand Wash
Perfect package for newer cars 
and recently waxed vehicles.

Wash Package #3  PLUS…

  • Shampoo floor mats
  • Bug & tar removal
$50 Cars
$55  Trucks & Small SUV
$60  Large SUV & Mini-Van

Wash PACKAGE #5  $50 - $70


Wash & Wax Exterior Protection
Perfect package for newer cars 
and recently waxed vehicles.

  • Hand washing and drying of vehicle
  • Bug, tar and mild sap removal
  • Vehicle wheels (rims) & tires scrubbed clean
  • Carnauba Wax applied by hand (shines & protects for 3 – 4 months)
  • Tires UV coated & dressed to a perfect shine
  • Chrome rims, grill, & trim shined to perfection
  • Exterior windows & mirrors cleaned to a streak free shine
  • Wipe & degrease all door, hood, and trunk jams (inlcuding gas cap area)
$50 Cars
$60  Trucks & Small SUV
$70  Large SUV & Mini-Van

Scotchguard Fabric Protection


This is a chemical protect-ant spray applied to all fabric surfaces inside the vehicle. It helps prevent spills from staining and prohibits absorption into the fabric

Polymer Paint Sealant

Starting @ $59.95

Where wax only coats the vehicles paint and has a life of about 3 -4 months, polymer paint sealants actually adhere to the vehicles paint and last for 6 – 8 months. This service is typically offered at car dealerships for over $500. This is the most popular upgrade to our Complete Detail Package.

Odor Elimination / Rain Repellant

Odor - Starting @ $39.95

Even after a thorough interior cleaning, heavy odors may still persist. Smoke, pet urine and other odors may not be totally removed with steam extraction. With this service, all the odors inside the vehicle including that in the vents, headliner and fabric are removed from the vehicle leaving behind a fresh smell.
Aquapel Glass Treatment is a long-lasting glass treatment that: 
Repels rain for remarkably improved vision
Makes it easier to clear ice, snow and even dirt Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night Helps reduce water marks and keeps down salt water.
Starting @ $19.95