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 The convenience of our Mobile Detailing Services

 Busy working long hours? Not enough time in the day to get everything done? Or are you a parent being pulled in a million different directions? Wouldn't it be nice to hand your keys to our professional detailers and give yourself some free time? One less thing to worry about when you have your vehicle needs taken care of by Auto Detailing San Diego. Give us a call and let us
come to you at your convenience. Your experience with our services will be refreshingly easy, convenient, and leave you with quality work. Avoid the time consuming hassle of having to drive to; and wait at a detailing shop. At Auto Detailing San Diego it is our goal to provide a total mobile car care solution all in one place. “Your Place”

Not only do we detail vehicles we do more ... Contact Us Today!


Wheel & Rim Repair

It's difficult to drive today's low-profile alloy rims without eventually scratching them on a curb or dinging them. Then there are all forms of oxidation and corrosion, especially if you live near our California beaches. Auto Detailing San Diego can often restore your rims to a an "as-new" look within a few hours.

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Window Tinting

Window tint can prevent interior damage from occurring in your vehicle. Since the tint blocks out UV rays and keeps the temperature lower it can help prevent your car's interior from cracking and becoming dull. This can save you a lot of money from needing interior repairs.

It provides more safety if involved in an accident. Believe it or not the tint actually helps hold the window together better and prevents it from shattering if involved in an accident.

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Headlight Restoration

Over time, the lenses on vehicle lighting become cloudy, compromising their visibility to oncoming traffic and delaying the detection time of objects.  This happens when the external UV coating on the lens degrades due to the elements, chemicals used in washing the vehicles, exhaust fumes and road wear.  As a result, 80% of its light output is lost.
Our Restoration  procedure removes the old UV coating from the headlights, polishes the lens so that it is clean, and anneals a new UV coating to the light.

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Corporate Car Wash

Take advantage of having your car washed without leaving your office. Our mobile units are equipped with water, electricity and all things needed to complete the job at your own convenience. Contact us today and request information on our multi car discount. The more cars we wash, the more money you save!


Are you getting ready to return your leased vehicle? Does it have a few scratches or scuffs? No problem! We can come to your home or office and remove most scuffs, scratches, stains or anything else the dealer may charge you “Big Bucks” for. You can spend a little money now or a lot more later. The choice is yours. Contact us today!


Are you planning a company event, fundraiser or attending a car show? Give us a call, we would LOVE to help! We can put together a custom package that will meets needs. We carry all the necessary equipment to help you and your project succeed. Our professional detailing team won’t leave until you are completely satisfied. Simply request for more info to get started


Company or Fleet vehicles are your company’s mobile billboards as well they represent and reflect your company when they are on the road. For those reasons it is very important they look their best at all times. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services at very affordable rates. Get started today by requesting for more info.